Why its important to get rid of mold in your Crawlspace

We all know that having mold in your home is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. What people fail to realize, is that having mold in your crawl space is just as dangerous and should be handled swiftly and with care. The reason mold is the crawlspace is a problem is twofold. One, […]

Why Air Quality Testing is an Important Part of the Mold Remediation Process

Indoor air quality tests are extremely important on their own, but they are even more important when they are part of a mold remediation process. Typically, air tests are performed during the initial mold inspection to detect if mold is present in the air or to evaluate the extent of visible mold that is present inside a home or business. Since mold spores are generally invisible to the naked eye and can be odorless air tests are an effective way to detect their presence. Air tests will also identify the type and amount of each mold that is exists in your space.

Ensure the Air Inside Your Home is Clean and Mold Free

Indoor air quality is an extremely important topic because the quality of the air inside your home or business has a direct impact on your health. This is mostly because the majority of people spend a significant amount of their day indoors (whether its at home or at work) which means the pollutants in the […]

Mold Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know

Bleach does not kill mold This is a very common mistake. When people see mold, their first instinct is to grab a bottle of bleach. Mold will usually grow back within a few weeks of being cleaned. You cannot paint over mold Mold can grow back through paint (even “mold resistant” paint). In time, you […]

Cleaning and Disinfecting — Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has many people thinking about the best way to protect their homes and businesses from contamination. Coronavirus has quickly gained a reputation for being extremely contagious as many people can be carrying the virus for up to two weeks prior to showing any symptoms.  While social distancing and other suggested measures can […]

Mold and HVAC Ductwork – What to do?

Crawlspaces, basement, attic, kitchen, and shower are a few places that come to mind when you think about places you can find mold in your home. Many people tend to forget about their HVAC duct work, which is a very common place for mold to grow. Duct work actually is one of the fastest ways […]

What to do if you suffered water damage and mold after a storm

Are you suffering from flooding, water damage or mold growth after a recent storm? Are you unsure what to do about it or where to start? Well, you have come to the right place! Excess water due to flooding, a burst pipe, a leaky roof, storm damage can cause major problems. Water can affect the integrity of the building, can ruin material items or electronics and more. Unfortunately, it doesn’t just end with water damage as mold will typically soon follow.

Did you know that “dead” mold can still produce spores?

A common misconception that you may have heard is that dead mold is harmless; this is simply not true. The truth is that dried out mold isn’t actually dead, instead it is lying dormant. Mold requires moisture, warmth, food and oxygen to grow and thrive. When these items are removed from the environment the mold will dry out and go into a state that similar to hibernation. While it is true that the dried mold is no longer growing or spreading, if it is exposed to any of the components that are necessary for its survival, it can quickly reactivate and start spreading again.

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air pollution can affect your health and cause symptoms such as: headaches, dizziness, sneezing, coughing, eye irritation, throat irritation, dry skin, etc. Pregnant women, infants, and people suffering from an illness are more susceptible to these symptoms and can experience heightened or worsened symptoms.

Benefits of Encapsulating Your Crawlspace

Elevated moisture levels are a very common problem for crawlspaces that have not been encapsulated. These elevated moisture levels can be caused by open foundation vents, water that seeps through the foundation wall, or water seeping through the soil on the crawlspace’s dirt floor. A crawlspace encapsulation system addresses all of these issues.