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5 Benefits of an AprilAire Dehumidifier


Apart from water, the air we breathe is the most essential thing we consume not every day, but every second of our lives, from the day we were born to the end of our journey on Earth. The information era we live in has bestowed us with much useful information and made us question the quality of various everyday things we are constantly surrounded by but we often fail to pay sufficient attention to the details and seldomly make an effort to change things for the better. Fortunately, expanding the knowledge about certain subject subconsciously change the perspective of the viewer and makes them act to better the ambiance they spend most of their time in.

So, when we learn about the quality of the air that fuels our lungs and enables us to do whatever we do, we also learn we can make it better and more pleasant for us and our habitat. Therefore, the implementation of the AprilAire dehumidifier follows as a logical step since there are multiple benefits this type of device enables us to experience with bettering the air we breathe and the space we inhabit.

Your household should be the most sacred place on earth for you and your family. Therefore, dedicating your time and thought to make it as comfortable as you can is what is expected from you in order to raise the standard and the quality of living. What numerous homeowners often neglect is the quality of the air they and their families breathe. There are always more important issues to attend to and one of the most crucial necessities frequently remains overlooked. Only when a household suffers from the secondary damage caused by the poor air quality, homeowners dedicate their selves to solving the main problem.

The indoor air quality has an effect on multiple aspects of your life, from the direct impact on your health and comfort to the condition of your house and home appliances. What a vast majority does not know is that the air in our home is up to five times more polluted than the one from the outside of the house. One of the most noticeable features of poor air quality is the humidity and the consequences it provokes. It enables the formation of mold on your walls and moisture on your ceilings. Apart from that, it can cause your tools and various devices to rust if things get out of control. Try not to forget that you and your family breathe the same air and do notice there is a thing or to you might do to change the current condition.
In order for you to realize the benefits of using an AprilAire dehumidifier, we have prepared the following lists of aspects it enables you to improve both the quality of air and your surroundings. Read carefully and think about the ways it can improve your lifestyle.

Your Health

You would be surprised to find out how many allergies are strictly related to poor air quality. The moist surroundings enable various bacteria to multiply and thrive, while the thickness of air enables them to move around freely. Therefore, you can easily inhale them and experience consequences once the bacteria emerge in your respiratory system. Apart from your lungs, even your skin can suffer. Since the moist ground is ideal for the development of fungi, the largest organ of the human body can suffer from various rashes and eczema.

The sooner you react the better since the implementation of the AprilAire dehumidifier will not only prevent the microworld from thriving in your nearest environment but also enable you to breathe pure air deprived of sufficient moisture and excessive materials not beneficial for your health. Do note that your skin breathes as well and that it will recover in moist free space.


What dehumidifier will do for your home is not only the elimination of moisture but also the overall improvement of air quality. You are probably familiar with a smell characteristic of damp spaces and the uncomfortable atmosphere they radiate. That specific scent originates from the decomposing bacteria and it only gets worse if the room is unventilated. What a dehumidifier does is the elimination of conditions favorable to microorganisms and the provision of clean and pure air without additional aromas of unknown descent.

Save Your Home

Moist and mold are the enemies of your walls, of your clothes, and your home appliances. Walls crumble up and fail to impress with their appearance, your clothes lose the quality because of humid surroundings and the devices break, simply because they are not designed to work surrounded by aerated water. Think about how easier your life could be if you only utilize the positive features a dehumidifier provides. The moist is your enemy and AprilAire your ally in making your home a safer place.

Make Your Home Cool, Really Cool

Apart from making your home a healthy and safe environment, a dehumidifier enables you to cool your household while it clarifies the air for you at the same time. Therefore, you will not have to spend extra money on an air conditioner and you will definitely pay less for the electricity bills since air conditioners are infamous for spending a vast amount of electric energy.

The Tradition

Although there are multiple dehumidifiers offered both online and at local stores, not many can brag about the quality service and their expertise like AprilAire can. They have been perfecting their products since 1954 and have come to the magnificent number of 130. This is important because it is the number of pints of moisture their whole house dehumidifier can extract from the air you breathe in one day. Now think about the damage that moisture does to your lungs, your skin, your household, and your life quality in general, and make a move to prevent the harm before some serious consequences arise from the mold.

Whatever might be your former knowledge about the AprilAire dehumidifier, the aforementioned features it provides to its owners are lifesaving material. Apart from it enables you to live in a mold-free space deprived of moisture and various harmful bacteria, it provides you with pure air and healthy fuel for your entire body. Think about the quality of your surroundings before visible signs of mold damage appear because if the harm is visible on the outside, be sure it can be seen from the inside as well.

* Elite Moisture Solutions uses AprilAire dehumidifiers when performing full crawl space encapsulations

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    Howard Edwards says:

    I have read your blog it looks very nice but I want to know is there any precautions of using dehumidifiers in winter and any usage duration after that I have to clean the filter of my dehumidifier.

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