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Why Should I Use a Certified Mold Remediation Company?

Summer is the time when annoying and persistent moisture most often appears on our walls – which ruins our walls and endangers the health of household members. Don’t let the beginning of summer and warmer days associate you with problems with excess moisture and persistent mold every time. Learn how to deal with it in the long run and enjoy your home. We will point you to the benefits of working with a professional remediation company.

Moisture in the House during the Summer

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With the arrival of summer, warm, rainy, and very humid days – disgusting and persistent humidity has entered your home. There is also a mold that spreads all over the furniture and freshly painted walls. The question that is repeated every fall and winter is this: Can we make the space we live in clean, dry, and safe again? The answer is YES – but with the help of professionals. Although you may have thought that you can do everything yourself – this is not the case, at least not if you want a more permanent solution. And how does the moisture come about in the first place? Here is the answer.

How Is Moisture Created?

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Condensation moisture occurs as a consequence of poor thermal insulation of the premises and inadequate ventilation. Critical places where dew and water droplets appear – are most often corners of rooms such as concrete beams and window sills. As a consequence of the large difference between the outside temperature of the wall, especially in the summer, and the inside temperature in the room that is cooled – there is a condensation of moisture present in the air. The warm air cools abruptly and dews on the wall surfaces. Wet surfaces lead to the appearance of mold. In addition to the ugly appearance of the walls – excess moisture in the rooms and mold are extremely dangerous to human health, especially children.

How to Get Rid Of Moisture?

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To successfully deal with the causes and consequences of moisture – you need to take this problem seriously. It is recommended to strengthen the insulation of the walls and prevent the formation of wet surfaces. You should repair all cracks, especially those around windows and doors – to cut thermal bridges. Also, regularly ventilate all rooms, and cool them if necessary. Just painting the walls with a special paint that has anti-moisture, and anti-mold substances – is not enough, but sometimes it can be helpful. There are also different types of panels made of composite insulation materials – which absorb moisture and regulate humidity. Of course, it is recommended that you turn to experts for these problems – because they will know what the best solution is that will be permanent, and not just temporary.

Can’t Do It By Yourself? Hire Professionals

Moisture in the wall or on the walls most often occurs as a consequence of malfunctions in water or sewage pipes – but often also due to poor waterproofing of a residential building. Moisture on the walls occurs because water from the moist soil can arrive and climb in the walls due to the existence of capillaries – that is, as a consequence of the existence of a capillary effect. Moisture in the walls is the main cause of rapid deterioration of the walls. The ability of the building material to absorb water, condensation, and capillary moisture – is the main reason why moisture appears in the wall. Therefore, hire a professional to help you solve these problems.

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Primary Benefits of Working with a Professional Remediation Company

Professional remediation companies have special machines for draining moisture – as well as means to protect against the reappearance of mold. It will help you in repairing moisture, mold, but also in testing the air quality in your rooms. These tests will show you if there is mold in the air you breathe and in what concentration. Professional mold remediation companies are there to diagnose in detail and select the right material to repair the damage. And what else can you expect when you already need the help of professionals?

1. No more unpleasant smells

When moisture seeps into your house, the first thing you notice is the stale smell of mold. This is not only uncomfortable but can also be very dangerous to the health of the people who live there. Namely, the air can be full of spores that you inhale, thus endangering your health. After the procedure of professional dehumidification – this problem will disappear. Moreover, professional companies offer you the opportunity to test the air in your apartment or house. Then you will know how many spores are in the air, and thus professionals will be able to determine the assessment of an adequate method for drying. What is especially good is the fact that this kind of drying is more permanent, so you will not have to invest every now and then in the purchase of various dehumidifiers and similar products.

2. Moisture No Longer Break Out On the Walls

When you hire a professional remediation company, you can be sure that you will be able to get rid of moisture thoroughly – and for a longer period. Capillary moisture, which is the most common culprit for the appearance of stains and drops on the walls – can be easily solved with the help of professionals. Namely, they use special machines to drain moisture from the walls – so you won’t have any problems for a long time. Your walls will be dry, and you can paint them without fear that moisture will destroy the new color of the walls.

3. No More Moldy Odors

As you already know, mold thrives in humid environments. If there is excessive moisture in your home – mold is 50 percent more developed. This is especially true in basements, where the concentration of moisture is highest – as well as in places such as corners and ceilings. With professional dehumidification, these unpleasant phenomena will disappear from your home.

4. No More Annoying Insects

Insects prefer a humid environment with humidity levels of 70 to 80 percent. This means that the increased level of humidity in the home is ideal for all types of pests. Working with a professional remediation company will help you solve this issue. Namely, by draining the moisture – your home will no longer be a suitable environment for these pests.

5. Protect Furniture by Drying Moisture

Wood is a popular decorative material – and thanks to excessive moisture, wooden floors and furniture can be in danger. Moisture can lead to the deformation of wooden surfaces and even worse – the decay of wood caused by a fungus that destroys the material. Therefore, by hiring a professional remediation company you will be able to protect your furniture from decaying.


After everything you’ve read, we hope you understand how important waterproofing is to prevent moisture. If this still happens, despite your efforts and the use of various means to combat moisture – you have no choice but to turn to professionals. To be honest, this is actually the best solution from the start. Various means for absorbing moisture, pastes, and strips against mold, and similar products – are not effective. Or, to be more precise – they are not effective for a long time. The problem of moisture must be solved thoroughly – because otherwise, the consequences for your health can be serious. Even when you don’t see traces of moisture or mold, but you can sense a characteristic smell – know that you already have a problem with moisture.

Don’t think about saving money when it comes to this kind of problem – just contact a professional remediation company. Solve the problem at the beginning and remember: When it comes to moisture – a cheap solution turns out to be very expensive in the end.