Why does Mold occur under my Home?

Mold is one of the most common problems that all homeowners face sooner or later. Unfortunately, it is inevitable in some cases, especially when it comes to areas of the house that cannot be easily reached such as the crawl space. The biggest mistake people make is that they really don’t care about this issue […]

How flooding in your crawl space can destroy your home

Every homeowner knows how important house maintenance is, but sometimes, the danger can come from places we least expect. In most houses nowadays, there is a crawl space, and we usually tend to forget that space even exists. However, it is as beneficial for you as it can be dangerous, and if you don’t do […]

The Importance of Inspecting your Crawlspace Annually

If not maintained regularly, your home can become a health hazard. Yes, we know that this sounds harsh, but it is true. If you don’t resolve all problems as soon as they arise, things will only go downhill from there. It is why you clean everything constantly, repair things when they break, invest in remodeling, […]

Risks of an Unprotected Crawl Space

Infographic detailing how leaving a crawl space unprotected can lead to issues with mold, flooding, destroyed insulation, wildlife nesting, electrical hazards, structural weakening, decreased energy efficiency, and poor indoor air quality.

Difference between vapor barrier, encapsulation, and sealing

Mold can be found everywhere around us, but it is not dangerous until it starts spreading and growing, especially in a closed space, in your home. I assume that you already know the dangers of mold and that it can cause a huge impact on the health of anyone living in your household. Fighting against […]

Why its important to get rid of mold in your Crawlspace

We all know that having mold in your home is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. What people fail to realize, is that having mold in your crawl space is just as dangerous and should be handled swiftly and with care. The reason mold is the crawlspace is a problem is twofold. One, […]

Benefits of Encapsulating Your Crawlspace

Elevated moisture levels are a very common problem for crawlspaces that have not been encapsulated. These elevated moisture levels can be caused by open foundation vents, water that seeps through the foundation wall, or water seeping through the soil on the crawlspace’s dirt floor. A crawlspace encapsulation system addresses all of these issues.