The Crucial Role Air Quality Testing Plays in Mold Removal

Indoor air quality tests are extremely important on their own, but they are even more important when they are part of a mold remediation process. Typically, air tests are performed during the initial mold inspection to detect if mold is present in the air or to evaluate the extent of visible mold that is present inside a home or business. Since mold spores are generally invisible to the naked eye and can be odorless air tests are an effective way to detect their presence. Air tests will also identify the type and amount of each mold that is exists in your space.

As part of an indoor air test, an outdoor air test will be performed as a control and will be used to help the inspector get a fuller picture of what is occurring in the space being tested. Additionally, all samples should be examined by a professional, unbiased, third-party laboratory to ensure accurate and detailed results. The third-party lab will review the air samples under a microscope to identify all of the particles present and in what quantity they were found in. The laboratory does not only search for mold—they also identify the levels of dust, pollen, and other debris in the air you are breathing.

Post air samples are the most important part of the job as it will confirm that the job was done successfully or if more remediation work is needed. It will also provide the customer with peace of mind.

The trouble is that most companies do not perform post remediation testing which is dangerous and irresponsible. How do you know if the job was completed successfully if you do not have a posttest to confirm the air is clean and free of mold spores?

If post mold remediation air testing is performed, the sample must be taken at least 24 hours after the work is complete and the air scrubbers have been turned off. This allows the air to settle into normal living/working conditions and allows for more accurate test results.

At Elite Moisture Solutions, we conduct both pre and post air testing as part of EVERY mold remediation project. We want to make sure our work was effective and that we are providing our customers with clean and healthy spaces. If you are interested in more information about mold testing or indoor air quality testing contact us at 919-241-7933 or