Mold is a natural part of our ecosystem, so there will always be some amount of it in your home. It becomes a problem when the volume of mold reaches a certain threshold, or when there are toxigenic species present. In that case, you need mold remediation in Chapel Hill. We follow strict protocol to ensure we get the job done safely without causing further harm to your home.

When you choose Elite Moisture Solutions for mold remediation, we will:

  • Seal off the affected area and HVAC system to prevent spores from traveling.
  • Determine the source of the excess moisture.
  • Remove damaged materials and store them in secure bags.
  • Clean up using a HEPA vacuum and antimicrobial solutions.
  • Return for a follow-up inspection to make sure no further treatment is needed.
mold removal Chapel Hill

Jack a lanier, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Chapel Hill, situated in Orange and Durham counties, is a thriving town with a rich history and a strong educational focus, home to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The town’s population is approximately 62,098 as of 2024, with a median household income of $85,940. Chapel Hill is a culturally diverse area, with racial demographics including 71.3% White, 10.2% Black or African American, and 13.5% Asian. The primary zip codes are 27514, 27516, and 27517.

Mold Inspections

mold inspection

If your home smells strongly of mold, or if your family is suffering from constant allergies, you should schedule an inspection as soon as possible. Mold can spread through a house quite quickly, especially if your house is overly humid. Detecting mold contamination before it gets worse, can save you thousands of dollars in damages in the long run. Don’t wait, schedule a comprehensive mold inspection from the professionals at Elite Moisture.

What you can expect from our technicians during your mold inspection in Chapel Hill:

  • Perform a visual inspection of your home to determine affected areas.
  • Test humidity levels to see if they are at levels mold will grow.
  • Determine where excess moisture may be coming from.
  • Test surfaces and air for spores and mold.

Interior Mold Remediation

Discovering mold inside your home may prompt you to deal with it yourself, but this can cause unseen problems. Attempting to remove excess mold with home solutions can cause spores to spread through the air, which will affect air quality for your family. It’s better to leave that mold alone, and call Elite Moisture Solutions to remove the mold.

Our interior mold remediation services in Chapel Hill include:

  • Preventing mold from spreading.
  • Remove any items that have been damaged by mold in sealed bags.
  • Clean up mold spores with a HEPA vacuum, then sanitize the area.
  • Take additional samples afterward, complete with laboratory analysis.
interior mold

Crawlspace Mold Removal

A lot of the air you breathe in your home comes from your crawl space, so it’s important to check it regularly for mold. If your crawl space has mold, it can be a sign of a larger problem: that water is getting in where it shouldn’t. While there, excess moisture can cause mold, mildew, and damage to the structure of your home. Our technicians will remove any mold in the crawl space, and also offer crawl space encapsulation, in order to stop excess moisture from getting in again.

Protect your Family from Mold

When it comes to removing mold, you should always leave it to the professionals. Home solutions such as bleach or cleaning products will only spread the mold further and can get into the air and lungs. Our team of certified professionals will treat your home, while wearing protective gear, and remove it in a safe way that doesn’t cause harm to your home or family.

A Satisfaction Guarantee You Can Trust

At Elite Moisture, we’re dedicated to giving our customers quality mold removal in Chapel Hill. That’s why we offer a one-year warranty on all of our services, so if you have any problems with our treatments, we’ll come and make things right.

See for yourself the thoroughness of how Elite Moisture performed a crawl space mold removal project in Chapel Hill.

crawl space mold

Customer Reviews

ME Williams
Our home was built in 1994 and the old (primitive) method of crawl space grading and a corner drainage pipe stopped working (the pipe clogged after 30 years). Chris and his team, who are very professional, assessed the situation and presented available options (as well as inspecting for mold). We decided to go with the full encapsalation and our crawl space moisture issues as well as the potential for mold are gone. Highly recommended and it was a pleasure to support a local business.
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Kristine Durzy
Elite performed mold removal and crawlspace encapsulation. They were easy to work with and did a great job. The one negative in the experience was the unexpected cost of reinforcing some floor beams, which had water and mold damage that was not seen until they pulled out the insulation. Highly recommend this company!
read more
Logan Hoosier
Chris, Ben, and team did a fantastic job on the crawl space encapsulation for my home in Durham. Ben led the project and gave me updates along the way as to exactly what they were doing and why. It was done on time and the quality was great. We now have the peace of mind knowing that our homes crawl space is dry, clean, and mold free for the next 30 years. I would highly recommend using Elite Moisture Solutions.
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Steve Hartnett
Chris and Ben did such a good job explaining the moisture and mold issues I had in my crawl space. They were very punctual and reasonably priced. If anyone ever needs their crawl space encapsulated, give them a call! Highly recommended!
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john bumgardner
We had high moisture levels in our crawlspace with molding insulation and wood. They came out and gave an estimate and got us on the schedule promptly. Chris explained what was causing the issue and clearly laid out the plan to correct the problem and prevent the issue from reoccurring.Chris and his team were friendly and professional. They worked in a timely manner arriving when scheduled and keeping in contact with us throughout the process.We highly recommend this company.
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Jen Hill
Fearing I might have some mold issues in my crawl space I called Elite Moisture Solutions to come for inspection. Chris was on time for the appointment and was very thorough in explaining my issues and the solution to get rid, and prevent future issues. I highly recommend them if you have any moisture or mold issues. First class organization!
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Wendy McNamee
I had mold under my crawlspace and had several people come out and look at it. All said I needed to have it encapsulated and I got quotes from 3 people. One barely told me what was going to happen and one was about 3k less than Elite was. But no one took the time to explain exactly what they were going to do, how they were going to do it and why they were doing it that way Chris did. He was not only professional, but friendly, knew what he was talking about, and offered no pressure at all. He seemed to truly want to do the job right for me. And his staff completely came through! They were also very knowledgeable, so, so clean and so kind! I would have them do work for me any day of the week! When I say clean, there was not a spec of trash left after they were done each day. They were extremely respectful of me and my property, and even of the black snake that took up residence under my home, letting him work his way out instead of killing him. All in all, this company was one I would easily pay more to work with because they do the job right. I don't worry about the work done under my house, because I know it was done by a company with integrity, kindness and respect. Thank you Chris and Elite Moisture Solutions!
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Corderro Cruz
After shopping around for mold removal companies to treat my crawlspace, I finally found Elite Moisture and I'm happy I did! They were professional, timely, and reasonably priced. One of the major differences between them and the competition is their methods. While most other companies offered to spray the mold, elite treats and vacuums away the mold for complete removal of allergens. They were very responsive and thorough.
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Why Choose Elite Moisture Solutions

Free Estimates

We provide free visual inspections and a customized estimate for your home or business.

Same Day Quotes

Receive a quote the exact same day the technician comes to do an estimate

Prompt Service

Our team guarantees all initial inspections are performed within 2 business days.

Unrivaled Quality

Our team is committed to providing an excellent, stress free experience with quality assurance measures that guarantee you are satisfied when the job is done.

Local Owned & Operated

We are proud to be a locally owned business and are passionate about the communities that we live in and serve.

High Quality Employees

All technicians are certified and insured, plus must pass thorough background checks and drug tests

Discounts Available

Active Duty Military, Veterans, and First Responders receive discounts.

Industry-Best Warranties

We offer a 12-month Workmanship Warranty and a 25-year warranty on crawl space encapsulation.




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