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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Garner

You probably don’t think about your crawl space very often: that dark, tight gap between your home’s subfloor and the ground. But did you know that the crawl space is actually one of your house’s most important features? Not only does this space allow you to access pipes and wiring, about 50% of the air that circulates through your home comes through the crawl space. Having a secure, sealed crawl space is key to maintaining a healthy environment above ground, and the Garner crawl space encapsulation experts from Elite Moisture Solutions are here to help.

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Elite Moisture Solutions’ Unique Approach

When you partner with us for crawl space renovation in Garner, our goal is to isolate your crawl space from the outside environment. By creating and maintaining a dry environment underneath your home, we will help stop mold and mildew from growing and keep moisture levels stable. Our crawl space encapsulation process involves: 

  • A thorough evaluation of your crawl space to determine problem areas around the subfloor and insulation. 
  • Collection of humidity and moisture content samples. 
  • Inspection of foundation for cracks and other areas that could be letting water in. 
  • Setting up a negative pressure vacuum environment while removing any existing materials that may be damaged by moisture. 
  • Installing a vapor barrier and sealing up any openings. 
  • Putting in an optional dehumidifier to help regulate moisture levels once the sealed crawl space is complete. 

Signs Your Home is in Need of Crawl Space Repairs

Excess moisture in your crawl space can cause significant problems throughout your entire home. Our crawl space encapsulation in Garner is designed to restore this spot of your home to keep the health of your internal structure in good shape. A few signs that your crawl space may be in need of renovation or encapsulation include: 

  • Visible mold or mildew in the crawl space. 
  • Uneven, sagging floors. 
  • Moisture-loving pests in the crawl space. 
  • Condensation or water stains that appear on floors or walls. 
  • A persistent stuffy or musty smell. 

Moisture, Mold, and Mildew

One of the biggest reasons to invest in crawl space encapsulation in Garner is to prevent problems with mold and mildew in your home. Anytime there is excess humidity in a space where moisture shouldn’t be, mold and mildew can develop and these tiny particles can do a lot of damage to your health. Typical symptoms of mold exposure are a stuffy nose, burning eyes or throat, a rash on the skin, and coughing. 
Even though these symptoms seem pretty mild, coming into contact with mold can be extremely serious and even life-threatening if you have an allergy or are immunocompromised. While you might not be able to see the mildew growing in your crawl space, because air moves from this area throughout your home you will be breathing in mold spores.

Trust Elite Moisture Solutions To Protect Your Family And Home

Your family and your home are some of your biggest priorities, so you’ll want to make sure they are well protected from the dangers of excess moisture, mold, and mildew. At Elite Moisture Solutions, we know how important crawl space encapsulation can be in keeping your home safe from these threats and that you want secure, reliable service you can depend on. That’s why all of our customers will receive: 

  • A free inspection to evaluate needed crawl space repairs and find problem areas. 
  • Honest customer services and proven, quality workmanship. 
  • Quick response times and scheduling. 
  • A follow-up to make sure the sealed crawl space is keeping moisture out. 
  • 12 month Workmanship Warranty on crawl space services, plus a 25 year warranty on crawl space encapsulation. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation is Worth Every Penny

While you might think that crawl space encapsulation cost is too much, not having this done can be much more expensive over time. Negative health effects from mold and mildew can be long-lasting and potentially serious, meaning an increase in medical bills and insurance costs for your family. Additionally, excess moisture in an unsealed crawl space can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home’s structure, floors, joists, and foundation. 

Whether you’re moving into a new home or looking to renovate an old one, trust Garner’s experienced professionals from Elite Moisture Solutions with all of your crawl space repair and renovation needs. Don’t hesitate to call today if you’ve noticed signs of crawl space moisture in your house. Be sure to take advantage of our special offers, including a free inspection, $100 off mold remediation services, save $100 by referring a friend, and our 5% military discount. 

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Our Guarantee
5 Star Review

Our crawlspace was in desperate need of attention with standing water constantly collecting after heavy rainstorms. I called Elite for a quote and on the same day, Chris shows up and provides an estimate before he left my house! Based on his knowledge of mold remediation, sump pumps and french drains, and his incredible professionalism - we booked him for the job. His crew was on time every day, and gave a detailed description of what would be accomplished that day and they always came through.

Olivia Byers
5 Star Review

After shopping around for mold removal companies to treat my crawlspace, I finally found Elite Moisture and I'm happy I did! They were professional, timely, and reasonably priced. One of the major differences between them and the competition is their methods. While most other companies offered to spray the mold, elite treats and vacuums away the mold for complete removal of allergens. They were very responsive and thorough.

Corderro Cruz
5 Star Review

Chris is very knowledgeable. He completely renovated our crawl space.

We had water issues under the house and Elite Moisture Solutions came in and took

care of business...Complete drain system around perimeter. All walls, ground area and footers

wrapped and sealed, Dehumidifier....the works! Changed the entire climate under the house. Chris was very knowledgeable and had excellent communication at all times. I would highly recommend him and his team!

Sheryl Wheeler

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