Mold Removal and Crawlspace Sealing in Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill is a beautiful town spanning Orange, Chatham and Durham counties in North Carolina. Established in 1793, Chapel Hill is now known for being one of the three points that make up the ever-growing Research Triangle. Chapel Hill is home to the University of North Carolina, a thriving art scene, a quaint downtown and so much more. Regardless of being one of the largest cities in North Carolina, Chapel Hill has managed to maintain its friendly, small town charm.

Chapel Hill’s long history paired with having multiple flood zones (in the areas near Bolin Creek, Chapel Creek, Battle Branch, etc.) makes Chapel Hill a perfect environment for high moisture content and rapid mold growth. Don’t leave your property and health to chance, call our elite team of professionals and allow them to provide you with a free visual inspection. No matter whether your crawlspace needs to be sealed, or if you suspect you need mold removal. Elite Moisture Solutions can help you with a customized plan that will fit your budget.

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Crawlspace Encapsulation

encapsulated crawlspace

Majority of homes in North Carolina have been built on a crawlspace as they were less expensive than a basement but still provided access to the major systems (plumbing, electric, HVAC) that is under the house. The trouble is that crawlspaces are the perfect environment for mold to grow and thrive as they are dark and typically damp. Crawlspace encapsulation systems have been designed to solve this problem as they are built to keep moisture out and condition the space under your home.

Our team of experts can provide you with a free crawlspace evaluation and estimate which will help you determine if your crawlspace is safe and, in turn, if your home is healthy. We provide high quality crawl space systems as well as timely service. Unsure if encapsulating your crawlspace is right for you? Give us a call and we can provide you a free, no obligation inspection and estimate!

Mold Remediation

Mold is very often found as a result of leaks that homeowners encounter as plumbing and hot water heaters fail and roofs that need to be repaired, but there are often times where a strong musty odor is noticed in the crawlspace. Although sudden water damage can cause mold issues, more often than not the crawlspace is the primary culprit of the most cases of mold. Many homeowners will put off investigating whether or not they have mold because of the expense involved for mold remediation, but testing for mold should be done immediately since it can cause extensive damage to the structure of a home as well as cause health issues for those with respiratory problems.

The experts at Elite Moisture Solutions understands how important it is to make sure homeowners can quickly and affordably determine if they need mold removal services for their home by providing free visual inspections, affordable mold testing options, and same day quotes so action can be taken if mold is visibly present. As part of the services that Elite offers for removing mold, after the work is complete a test will be done to check if all the mold was removed, so you can rest assured your home is mold-free!


Indoor Air Quality Testing

Even if mold is not visually seen, sometimes it can grow in areas where a visual inspection may not detect it. Determining whether or not mold is present in a home is important not only since it can ruin the house structure, but it can cause delayed health symptoms or show no symptoms at all yet attribute to underlying respiratory issues. It’s vital to quickly determine through an indoor air quality test whether or not you have mold, what type of mold you have, and to what extent.

Elite offers an extremely affordable test that will help you see if you see just how bad your mold problem is so you can decide if you’re ready to take action in removing any mold that’s growing in your home. The test is simple and non-intrusive, and will provide you the comprehensive details you need to make a well informed decision. After the test has been conducted, we will send it to a third-party laboratory for a professional analysis. They will provide us with a detailed report which will include mold types, spore counts and any other pollutants that are damaging your indoor air quality. Call Elite Moisture Solutions today for a free no obligation consultation.

Additional Services

The installation of a vapor barrier aids in reducing both moisture and humidity levels in your crawlspace.

sump pump

Installing a sump pump is an effective way to drain water out from under your home and redirect it away to prevent flooding and the buildup of moisture.

French drains are installed to create a path that redirects water away from your home or business’ foundation.

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Elite Moisture Solutions Average Google Rating: 5 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.
Jake A.
12/28/2019 - Thumbtack

I appreciate honest work. I have referred Elite to several people because I know they will be honest with the assessment and provide the solutions the customer actually needs. This has been the case time and time again. These are often customers that I service and having a trusting relationship with me so it is important that they are taking... read more

Jaime Montalvo
4/24/2020 - Google

Chris Toro with Elite Moisture was able to come out and give me a no obligation estimate and explained all that would need to be done. He was very professional and was able to help out in just a few days, get the job done and fix the issue. Would definitely recommend!

Jen Hill
5/01/2020 - Google

Fearing I might have some mold issues in my crawl space I called Elite Moisture Solutions to come for inspection. Chris was on time for the appointment and was very thorough in explaining my issues and the solution to get rid, and prevent future issues. I highly recommend them if you have any moisture or mold issues. ... read more

Mason Bailey
1/29/2020 - Google

Ben was a pleasure to work with. Everything he said would happen did, and on time. I hope you never have a moisture issue, but if you do don't hesitate to reach out to Ben with Elite Moisture Solutions.

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