Crawl Space Encapsulation and Mold Remediation in Knightdale

Knightdale, established in 1927, was named for Henry Haywood Knight who was a local landowner that donated land to fund a railroad depot. Knightdale is located in Wake County, North Carolina and is just east of Raleigh. The beautiful North Carolina weather allows Knightdale residents to enjoy all of its parks and trails majority of the year.

Like most of the Triangle, Knightdale is booming with new residents and new construction. Knightdale is currently home to over 17,000 residents and over 6,000 households. These homes are a healthy mix of both new and old. The staff at Elite Moisture Solutions can provide you with a free consultation/evaluation of your property and, if needed, develop a plan to alleviate you of any issues you may be having!

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Crawl Space Encapsulation

There are many benefits to encapsulating your crawl space, such energy savings, protection from wildlife nesting and pest infestations, and most importantly lowered levels of moisture that can destroy the wood under your home as well as cause mold buildup that can be harmful to your family. A well installed crawlspace encapsulation system can also increase the value of your property.

The experts at Elite Moisture Solutions understand how to properly seal a crawlspace, and can custom design an encapsulation system that will best suit your needs within your budget. Call today for a free estimate and same day quote!

Mold Removal

If your home has had any issues with high levels of moisture, flooding, leaks, or water damage of any kind, then you should get an air quality test done to detect whether or not you have dangerous levels of mold growing in your home. If mold is found, then you can have the mold removed through a service known as mold remediation, which will eliminate the mold that is growing within your home, and in some cases areas where you can’t even see it growing.

At Elite Moisture Solutions our goal is to provide all of our customers with a safe, mold free homes and businesses. Our certified inspectors offer free visual inspections which will either identify a problem, or you can elect to have a low cost air quality test done that will confirm if you are living or working in a safe space. If mold is found our mold experts will custom design a plan to remove all the mold. Call today for a free estimate!

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Indoor Air Quality Testing

Toxins and mold that is in the air inside your home or business can trigger many nasty health symptoms or, worse, could have no symptoms at all which is what makes indoor air quality testing so important.

Elite Moisture Solutions’ professionals can help you discover if the air your family or employees are breathing is healthy and safe. We use the highly quality equipment and testing methods that are non-intrusive and very efficient. The air samples taken are sent to a third-party laboratory for a comprehensive analysis and the results will present you with a full picture of what is in the air that you are breathing. If necessary, our team will come up with a solution to make your home or business safe again!

Additional Services

Vapor Barrier Installation

Vapor barriers are installed to aid in controlling the moisture and humidity levels in your crawlspace.

sump pump

Sump Pump Installation

A sump pump is installed at the lowest point in your home to help collect any excess ground water and is an effective tool to prevent flooding.

French Drain Installation

A French drain is installed to prevent any standing water and reduce the risk of flooding in your crawlspace.

Affordable Moisture Control in Knightdale

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Customer Reviews

AMG Dynamics
6/11/2020 - Google

I am a Property Manager for several commercial buildings. I had a foot of sitting water in my crawl space. Chris and his team were very professional and did a thorough job. They went above and beyond to ensure that my issue was fully addressed. I would highly recommend Elite Moisture Solutions and will definitely use them going forward.

Marie Webster
3/15/2020 - Google

I found Chris to be punctual, friendly, professional and a very good listener . The tests were performed quickly with thorough explanation during that process. He was very know knowledgeable on air quality issues. I received my results as promised and in a timely manner. I would highly recommend him and his company to anyone with air quality concerns.

H Knight
4/15/2020 - Google

BEN and their AMAZING CREW saved OUR HOUSE!!! Nightmare scenario - Google Fiber's contractor hit our main water line with a backhoe during their network install. After a year of denying the damages (which occurred on private property - a whole other saga), their insurance adjuster finally agreed to repair/replace our water line. BUT the City of Durham REFUSED to... read more

Sheryl Wheeler
9/21/2020 - Google

Chris is very knowledgeable. He completely renovated our crawl space.We had water issues under the house and Elite Moisture Solutions came in and tookcare of business...Complete drain system around perimeter. All walls, ground area and footerswrapped and sealed, Dehumidifier....the works! Changed the entire climate under the house. Chris was very knowledgeable and had excellent communication at all times. ... read more

Carla Witherington
4/15/2020 - Google

Luckily the extent of my issue was not nearly as concerning as I originally believed, but Ben's knowledge and thoughtful time spent investigating my situation was very comforting. I will definitely call again if other issues arise.

Becky Lou Pigg
2/15/2020 - Google

Ben was very kind and courteous and I appreciate how quickly everything happened. Also, they worked on the crawlspace quickly and with no impact on our schedule. There was no inconvenience to me and I appreciate that the most. I recommend this business highly.

Jeff T.
12/20/2019 - Thumbtack

From the very first contact, they were very responsive, addressed all concerns, explained the steps they would take to remedy the moisture issue and then performed the work with the same attention to detail and thoroughness. Will definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone who has a moisture, fungal, mold, crawl space issue.

Jaime Montalvo
4/24/2020 - Google

Chris Toro with Elite Moisture was able to come out and give me a no obligation estimate and explained all that would need to be done. He was very professional and was able to help out in just a few days, get the job done and fix the issue. Would definitely recommend!

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