Crawlspace Encapsulation

Approximately 40% of the air that is in the first floor of your home originated in the crawlspace. Since hot air rises and gets replaced by air from your crawlspace through a process called “Stack Effect”, you and your family become exposed to any poor air conditions that are present in your crawlspace. This means that if it is in your crawlspace, then it is in your home. Installing a crawlspace encapsulation system is the best way to prevent moisture and mold issues in your crawl space.

Risks of an Unsealed Crawlspace

Leaving a crawlspace unsealed is extremely risky as water and humidity can easily penetrate cinder-block walls and dirt floors. This dark, trapped, moist space along with all of the organic matter (like wood and insulation backing) give mold the perfect environment for expedited growth. Why is this a problem?

  • Mold can rise with warm air from your crawlspace into your home.
  • Humidity and moisture can cause dust, odors and allergens to enter your home.
  • High moisture and humidity can cause wood rot and damage other supportive materials.
  • Bugs and other pests are attracted to high moisture levels and warms spaces.
  • Moisture can cause deterioration of HVAC duct-work, water heaters, plumbing and insulation.
  • Increased energy bills due to the crawlspace having high humidity in the summer and cool air in the winter.

The Benefits of Crawlspace Encapsulation

Improved Air Quality in Home

Since a majority of the air in our homes originate in the crawlspace, it is important to have a clean and healthy space under your home. An encapsulation provides a barrier between the inside of your home and the outside environment which means in wet environments it keeps out moisture and mold and in in dry environments it keeps out dust and dust mites. In all cases, it provides a healthier living space for you and your family!

Elimination of Mold Producing Environment

Mold requires a source of moisture to thrive. A crawlspace encapsulation system includes the sealing of all cracks and vents, the installation of a vapor barrier on the floor and all walls as well as the installation of a dehumidifier. All of these things together ensure all possible moisture sources have been removed and mold cannot develop in your crawlspace.

Avoid Structural Damage from Moisture

By removing all sources of moisture, a crawlspace encapsulation removes the risk of water damaged wood and wood rot. Damaged wood can compromise the structural integrity of your home and the safety of your family.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Crawlspace encapsulations have been shown to reduce individual energy bills by as much as 15% per year! The encapsulation system serves also as a form of insulation and can help improve your homes energy efficiency.

The Crawlspace Encapsulation Process

Encapsulations are used to prevent moisture and humidity from entering your crawlspace by using a vapor barrier system, insulation and sealing all vents. Comprehensive crawlspace encapsulation encompasses a 4 stage process:

Clear Out Debris

The technicians start by clearing out all debris which includes moisture affected insulation, obsolete or deteriorated vapor barriers, and any trash that may be in the crawl space.

Remove Mold

Next and most importantly, we then physically remove ALL visible mold from the crawl space followed by a preventative fogging of all exposed wood members to prevent future fungal growth. We perform this treatment with every encapsulation to ensure that we aren’t sealing any mold spores into the crawl space. If we do not perform this preventative treatment, the mold spores would eventually make their way up into the living areas through stack effect.

Install Liners, Insulation & Vents

The Elite Moisture Solutions team would first seal off all the crawl space vents. Then, they would install a reinforced crawlspace liner on the ground and up all of the walls. The team will also apply the reinforced liner to all of the crawl space piers. Next, the technicians would install a Prodex insulation over the wall liner creating a strong barrier between your crawlspace and the outside elements.

Install Dehumidifier

Once the crawl space is fully sealed, we will install a permanent dehumidifier which will continuously regulate the space and ensure the average humidity level stays around 55%.

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Customer Reviews

Elite Moisture Solutions Average Google Rating: 5 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.
Jeff T.
12/20/2019 - Thumbtack

From the very first contact, they were very responsive, addressed all concerns, explained the steps they would take to remedy the moisture issue and then performed the work with the same attention to detail and thoroughness. Will definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone who has a moisture, fungal, mold, crawl space issue.

Julio Semanate
2/26/2020 - Google

They did an excellent job encapsulating our house's crawl space. They were attentive to details and to our requests. Very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.

Mason Bailey
1/29/2020 - Google

Ben was a pleasure to work with. Everything he said would happen did, and on time. I hope you never have a moisture issue, but if you do don't hesitate to reach out to Ben with Elite Moisture Solutions.

Jen Hill
5/01/2020 - Google

Fearing I might have some mold issues in my crawl space I called Elite Moisture Solutions to come for inspection. Chris was on time for the appointment and was very thorough in explaining my issues and the solution to get rid, and prevent future issues. I highly recommend them if you have any moisture or mold issues. ... read more

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