Mold Remediation

Mold is a living micro-organism that occurs in moist, warm conditions and is commonly found on food or other organic matter. Mold is always present and plays an integral role in our environment. Only when mold starts to grow in our homes and effect the air we breathe does it become an issue. Since moisture is the number 1 cause of mold, mold is simply a symptom of a moisture problem. Mold can move quickly as it only needs 24 hours of moisture to begin to grow. Our team works diligently to identify the source of moisture, remove the mold and develop a plan to help prevent mold in the future.

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Causes of Mold


Moisture is the key element required for mold to live and thrive. High moisture content in your home or business caused by things such as floods, high humidity, roof leaks, pipe leaks, among other things, can be a perfect environment for mold to flourish. The difference between whether you have mold in your home boils down to having a moisture issue.


Indoor temperature levels are ideal for mold growth. Most mold types reproduce best in temperatures starting around 70 degrees Fahrenheit with optimal temperatures being between 72-86. This is not to say that mold cannot grow outside this range, however, as mold can develop and spread in temperatures ranging between 32-95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mold Spores

Mold spores are always present and play an important role in our environment. It is virtually impossible to remove them completely from your home or business. Instead, you need to focus on keeping the conducive conditions for mold growth under control.

Lack of Sunlight

The ultraviolet rays in sunlight are deadly to mold which is why you typically find mold in darker environments. Unfortunately, artificial light sources do not have the same damaging effect on mold growth therefore you can still find mold inside your home where artificial lighting is present.


Mold needs oxygen to survive but can live on very low concentrations and still prosper. Mold uses oxygen to reproduce and create spores which are then carried by air flow. Air flow is mold’s primary source of movement.

Organic Matter

Mold, like all life forms, needs food to thrive and reproduce. Items like wood, cardboard, paper, soap, and fabric provide a perfect feeding ground for mold.

Types of Mold


Mold Risks

Mold exposure most commonly causes allergy-like symptoms such as irritation to the eyes, nose, throat or lungs, sinus congestion, skin rashes, coughing and headaches. These symptoms can occur in individuals with or without mold allergies. In more severe cases, (typically individuals with mold allergies or asthma) mold exposure can cause shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.

Mold’s like Stachybotrys (black mold) and Chaetomium excrete a substance called mycotoxins. Mycotoxin is a naturally occurring toxic product that comes from various types mold. Mycotoxin exposure, especially if ingested, can cause illnesses and immune deficiencies in both humans and animals.

Additionally, mold can cause fungal infections in individuals with unhealthy or weak immune systems. This can include the elderly, infants, individuals with immune disorders, and people undergoing cancer treatments.

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The Mold Remediation Process

Elite Moisture Solutions team members are trained to follow the IICRC S520 guidelines for the mold removal process as it is currently the only approved standard for mold remediation. The primary focus of mold remediation is to correct the problem that caused mold to grow and to return your property to a mold free state. We do this by:

  • Performing a pre-inspection (visual inspection, moisture readings, air sample, etc.)
  • Reviewing the pre-inspection and air sample lab results
  • Developing a customized service plan
  • Performing the removal of mold damaged items and cleaning of the mold effected area
  • Performing a post-remediation test to confirm the remediation was successful

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Identify the Moisture Source

An Elite Moisture Solution expert will come to your home or business and perform a visual inspection of your property to identify locations of mold growth and the source of moisture. The inspector may also test the humidity and temperature levels in various areas throughout your property.

Mold Removal

Once the moisture source has been eliminated, a team of certified mold technicians begin the mold clean-up process. They will start by setting up negative air and an air scrubber to remove mold spores that are stirred up during mold removal. Next, the team will remove and dispose of mold damaged materials and start mold disinfection which consists of wiping down and using a HEPA vacuum on ALL physical surfaces and items in the mold effected area with an antimicrobial solution. After the mold cleanup process is complete, the technicians will fog the effected area. Finally, the team will switch the air scrubbers from negative air to air circulation and add HEPA filters for 24-48 hours to filter out any residual spores.

Mold Prevention

The basis of mold prevention lies within ensuring your home or business is free of moisture. You can do this by performing regular checks of your crawlspace, basement, pipes and roofing system or you can have one of our experts perform a visual inspection of your property and make recommendations for ways to reduce moisture penetration in your home.

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Our team guarantees all initial inspections are performed within 2 business days.

Maintenance Plans

This is our crawlspace mold free guarantee!

Customer Reviews

Becky Lou Pigg
2/05/2020 - Google

Ben was very kind and courteous and I appreciate how quickly everything happened. Also, they worked on the crawlspace quickly and with no impact on our schedule. There was no inconvenience to me and I appreciate that the most. I recommend this business highly.

Jake A.
12/28/2019 - Thumbtack

I appreciate honest work. I have referred Elite to several people because I know they will be honest with the assessment and provide the solutions the customer actually needs. This has been the case time and time again. These are often customers that I service and having a trusting relationship with me so it is important that they are taking care of.

Dale C.
5 star rating
12/27/2019 - Yelp

After trying to find someone that could seal up our crawl space along with removing a bunch of mold that had built up under our house, we found the guys at Elite. They're very professional and offer reasonable pricing, plus their crew were workers that were North Carolina natives. The bad smell from the mold is gone, plus our power bill has dropped to a fraction of what it was before!

Mason Bailey
1/28/2020 - Google

Ben was a pleasure to work with. Everything he said would happen did, and on time. I hope you never have a moisture issue, but if you do don't hesitate to reach out to Ben with Elite Moisture Solutions.

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