Benefits of Encapsulating Your Crawlspace

Elevated moisture levels are a very common problem for crawlspaces that have not been encapsulated. These elevated moisture levels can be caused by open foundation vents, water that seeps through the foundation wall, or water seeping through the soil on the crawlspace’s dirt floor. A crawlspace encapsulation system addresses all of these issues. The technician installing the encapsulation system will seal all of the crawl space vents, install a reinforced liner on the floor and all of the crawlspace walls, install insulation over the liner on the walls, and install a dehumidifier that will regulate the level of moisture in the space. All of the seams in the liner are fastened which provides a seal and prevents any water penetration.

Encapsulating your crawlspace and reducing your crawlspace’s moisture level comes with many benefits. These benefits include:

Improved Air Quality

Vented crawl spaces have a negative impact on your indoor air quality as most of the air in your home originates in the crawl space. An encapsulation system supplies a barrier between your home and the outside environment. Additionally, crawlspace encapsulations reduce moisture levels and ensures that mold does not develop. This means that the air coming from an encapsulated crawlspace is clean and, in turn, ensures that the air inside your home is clean as well.

Avoid Mold Growth

An encapsulation system is the most recommended solution to reduces moisture levels in your crawlspace and, since mold needs water to grown and thrive, it eliminates the mold conducive environment. The dehumidifier that is installed as part of the encapsulation will control the moisture levels in the crawl space and ensure mold cannot grow.

Avoid Structural Damage

Elevated moisture levels and standing water in your crawlspace can cause water damage or wood rot and saturated soil can cause foundation problems. Compromised wood or foundation damage can affect the structural integrity of your home and can be very costly to repair.

Increase the lifespan of the Systems Under Your Home

Humid crawl space environments with high moisture levels can cause damage to the systems that are under your home. Moisture can cause rust on metal pipes or HVAC components, damage insulation, damage hardwood flooring, damages wiring and more. Installing a crawl space encapsulation system can reduce the moisture and protect these systems.

Reduced Energy Bills

Encapsulation systems serve as insulation in your crawlspace and can aid in your homes energy efficiency. Homes with encapsulated crawlspaces have been shown to have as much as a 15% reduction in their energy bills.

Reduces Pest Infestations

A crawlspace encapsulation seals all of your foundation vents and cracks which seals out moisture but also seals out all unpleasant insects and other pests. The liner provides a second layer of protection which ensures that pests stay out of your crawlspace and home.

Increases Your Homes Marketability

An encapsulated crawlspace is an attractive feature to many buyers. All of the benefits that come with having a home with an encapsulated crawlspace provide buyers peace of mind when purchasing a new property.

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  1. Fred Gibbons
    Fred Gibbons says:

    It’s interesting that you mention that you can make your home more energy-efficient by having the crawlspace encapsulated. I want to get my energy bills as low as I can this year, so I’m thinking about hiring a professional to encapsulate my crawlspace for me. I’m going to look for a good provider of crawlspace encapsulation services in my area to hire.


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