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Angier is a rapidly growing southwest Raleigh suburb nestled in Harnett County, North Carolina. Also known as the “Town of Crepe Myrtles”, Angier spans just under three square miles but is packed with history and things to do. Angier is home to things like the Angier Library, the Angier Museum, Jack Marley Park and a quaint little downtown. It is no wonder its population has almost doubled in size since 2000.

The Black River runs through this small town to the large pond at Jack Marley Park, which is one of dozens located in Angier. Approximately 75% of homes in Angier were built on a crawlspace and have a median age of 20. These three key pieces of information (high water content, crawlspace, and aging homes), create a perfect habitat for mold growth. Elite Moisture Solutions can help by providing a free visual inspection to determine what, if any, needs your property may have. We want to ensure you and your family is living in a healthy environment, and the first step is to ensure you have a sealed crawlspace to prevent the need for future mold removal.

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Crawlspace Encapsulation

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At Elite Moisture Solutions, we aim to get ahead of mold and moisture issues by providing services like vapor barrier installation, French drain installation, sump pump installation and crawlspace encapsulation. These crawl space systems are designed to keep moisture out and ensure the air in your home is clean. Installing an encapsulation system is the best way to seal your crawlspace and prevent mold and moisture from seeping into your home.

Our certified technicians are trained to implement the customized service plan that was designed specifically for your home by our inspectors. After the job is complete, it will be re-inspected guaranteeing that the work was done to the highest standard and you are satisfied with the work performed!

Mold Remediation

Elite Moisture Solutions’ primary focus is to provide its customers with a healthy, mold free home or business.  We achieve this by providing our customers with free visual inspections, and offering affordable indoor air quality testing options.

There are many times when Elite is called to handle water damage resulting from everything from leaking roofs and broken pipes, to flooded crawlspaces. While handling the water damage restoration process, it is often found that mold has grown and started to spread.  If mold is found, our team of experts will draft a service plan that will eliminate the source of water damage or moisture, and remove all forms of mold from your home or company offices. The technicians perform the remediation diligently to make sure nothing is missed, and will also do a second inspection and air test to ensure the job was completed successfully.

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Indoor Air Quality Testing

Air pollutants inside your home can have a significantly higher impact on your health than pollutants that are found outdoors. Breathing polluted air can have unpleasant health related symptoms, and unfortunately, could also have no symptoms at all but have long term effects.

Allow our professionals to help you discover if the air your family or employees are breathing is clean. Our testing methods are extremely effective and are sent to a third-party laboratory for an expert to perform a detailed analysis. These results provide you with a full picture of what is in the air your family or employees are breathing and allows our team to come up with a custom plan for mold removal if needed.

Additional Services

A vapor barrier is used to reduce moisture and humidity levels in your crawlspace and home.

sump pump

Sump pump installation is commonly needed in crawlspace or basements that flood regularly or where there is dampness due to the water table being higher than the homes foundation.

The purpose of a French drain is to create a path that directs water away from your home’s foundation.

Affordable Moisture Control in Angier

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Maintenance Plans

This is our crawlspace mold free guarantee!

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Kevin Bickford
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Had an excellent experience with Elite Moisture Solutions. Very easy to work and felt very comfortable when discussing what I needed. Highly recommend them and their service.

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