Mold Removal and Crawlspace Sealing in Cary

Cary, a popular Triangle suburb, is a beautiful town conveniently located in between Raleigh and Research Triangle Park. Cary consistently is recognized for being one of the safest places to live in America and is in the top five best places to live in the country. This likely can be contributed to its convenience to the airport and the triangle, great grade schools, convenience to great colleges, and its location being halfway between the beach and the mountains. This town has a quaint small town feel with the conveniences of the bigger cities.

Established in 1750, Cary encompasses nearly 60 square miles of mature landscapes, small lakes and tons of large subdivisions. The average age of homes in Cary is 20 and, like most homes in North Carolina, the majority of homes are built on a crawlspace. This is important because older homes, near water sources and built on crawlspaces are prone to moisture problems as well as flooding which can cause water damage that leads to mold growth. Elite Moisture Solutions can help by providing you with a free visual inspection of your home or business and educate you on what needs, if any, your home may have. Our sole purpose is to help provide you with the peace of mind that you and your family are living in a safe and healthy space!

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Crawlspace Encapsulation

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Things like moisture, wood rot, pest issues, high humidity, and mold are common problems found in crawl spaces. Crawlspace encapsulation systems are designed to eliminate excess moisture and humidity which cause mold, and shield the area under your home with a protective barrier that will keep out pests, protect your HVAC equipment and ducts, and provide a seal by which will lower your energy costs.

One of our expert inspectors can perform a free visual inspection and consultation to determine what needs, if any, you may have. They can provide you with a customized service plan sealing the crawlspace under your home that will solve the problem and suggest preventative measures that can be taken to ensure these issues do not happen again in the future.

Mold Remediation

Water damage can sometimes come in obvious ways by visually seeing or hearing a leak, but often it’s not noticed until there are water rings on the ceiling from a leaky roof, or water rings on walls where there might be pipes that are leaking. Besides the repairs are necessary to remedy what caused the leak and damages to the wood and drywall, most homeowners understand that mold comes hand in hand with leaks, but what most homeowners don’t realize is the actual number one source of mold might be growing directly under their feet, within a crawlspace where moisture can accumulate and cause widespread mold, thereby requiring professional mold removal in order to eliminate the mold.

Elite Moisture Solutions can inspect not only the areas where water damage has occurred, but also under your home or business where the largest amount of mold can grow. Our team can achieve this by delivering our customers with free consultations and inspections as well as options that include air testing for mold that is affordable and highly accurate. If mold is identified, our team will develop a plan that will eliminate the source of the water damage or moisture that is causing the mold growth and remove the mold from your home or crawlspace. After the mold removal work has been performed, our inspector will return to perform a second test to ensure that job was performed successfully. Our mold remediation team wants to ensure your experience is quick, thorough, and affordable so you can rest assured that your property is free of any dangerous mold!

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Indoor Air Quality Testing

The very best way to determine if you have mold is to have an indoor air quality test performed that can not only detect if mold is present, but the concentration of mold in each area and what type of mold is growing there.

At Elite Moisture Solutions, we offer our customers with low-cost testing for air quality that detects mold levels, and free visual inspections which allows us to ensure the process is simple and affordable. Indoor air pollutants have been ranked in the top five environmental dangers by the EPA. The test our team performs will provide detailed results from a third-party laboratory that includes a thorough explanation of what was found in the air and in what quantities. Our team can then work with you to create a customized service plan to resolve the issue, if needed.

Additional Services

Installing a vapor barrier in the crawl space under your home aids in controlling the moisture levels in your home.

sump pump

Installing a sump pump can efficiently collect and redirect water away from your home, and prevent flooding.

French drains are an efficient system that channels water away from your home and towards lower ground or a drainage ditch.

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Customer Reviews

Elite Moisture Solutions Average Google Rating: 5 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.
Julio Semanate
2/26/2020 - Google

They did an excellent job encapsulating our house's crawl space. They were attentive to details and to our requests. Very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.

Steve Hartnett
1/28/2020 - Google

Chris and Ben did such a good job explaining the moisture and mold issues I had in my crawl space. They were very punctual and reasonably priced. If anyone ever needs their crawl space encapsulated, give them a call! Highly recommended!

Spencer Marshall
3/03/2020 - Google

Elite Moisture Solutions is an outstanding company to do business with! We have had an amazing experience working with Chris and Jennifer. Their professionalism, timeliness and industry knowledge is something every company should demonstrate. Thank you for being such a wonderful business with top notch service - keep up the great work!!

Jen Hill
5/01/2020 - Google

Fearing I might have some mold issues in my crawl space I called Elite Moisture Solutions to come for inspection. Chris was on time for the appointment and was very thorough in explaining my issues and the solution to get rid, and prevent future issues. I highly recommend them if you have any moisture or mold issues. ... read more

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